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Head Designs is a natural hair salon in Oakland, Ca. The project began as a site redesign in 2018 and has gone through multiple iterations since then. Sheila Head has served as owner and stylist of the salon for over 40 years.

My Role

I worked on this project as the sole Product Designer and Developer.  Main areas of responsibility:


Head Design Home Mobile


Business requirements: Within the past ten years, there has been another natural hair movement. Given Sheila’s experience and history with natural hair, she would be one of the top hair salons to visit in the Bay Area. How to visually communicate and showcase Head Design’s knowledge and skill to increase clientele.

User Needs:
When searching for a natural hair salon, you want to learn as much as you can about their services and their credentials from other clients. The task is how to engage and convert clients from their experience on Head Designs website.

During COVID, a new strategy of operations for the salon and the website had to be implemented for Head Designs to survive. I am currently updating the user research and creating new strategies to keep the clientele engaged and create revenue. 

Metrics (Pre Pandemic)

New Clients


interest shared


Site monthly visits avg.


Page views



Combing Through

The natural hair community in Oakland is very competitive. I did a content inventory and competitive analysis of other top natural hair salon websites in order understanding Head Designs’ goals and challenges. 
Hair Salons
Love of hair artistry
Head Design
The Curl Lab
Hairapy Session
COVID 10 updates or protocol
Only for hair extensions
Services list w/ description and time
Blogs / Articles
On site appointment scheduling



natural hair journey?


Based on collected surveys and Sheila Head’s knowledge and interaction with her clientele I was able to identify the primary personas as people between the ages of 40-60+.
There natural hair movement among the secondary personas age 30-40 is on the rise. I wanted to make sure the site was visually appealing and informative to both the secondary and primary personas.
Primary Personas
“Empowering Themselves”
A Regular
40-60+ years old
Hair Education
Well educated about their hair. Knows how much time they want to spend on their hair.
Hair Care
Know how much time they want to spend on their hair. Aware of their hair boundries.
Secondary Persona
Persona 2
“Hair Attitude”
A Regular
30-40 years old
Hair Education
Willing to learn about their hair and how to take and manage their hair.
Hair Care
They know the least about natural hair care but are eager to learn.
tertiary Persona
“Embracing your texture”
A Regular
20-30 years old
Hair Education
They have never learned how to take care of their hair.
Hair Care

Wants quick fixes to their hair issues. Or has unrealistic haircare goals.

Iterate & Create

ReCreating the structure of design

After removing old or irrelevant pages from the Content Inventory in the discovery phase, uncovering user’s pain points, and problem-solving opportunities, we created a revised simple site map layout. This also helped define our redesign scope and strategy.

Site Map

Old Sitemap Head design

Head Designs Updated site map

Many of the pages were out of date or could merge into one page. I removed the outdated and no longer maintained Blog page.  Newsletter/Information, textured specialist, and Reviews are featured sections on the Home page.  These are quick reads of information. I added an About page, Product page, and Head Talk. The Product and Head Talk are new pages to promote a sense of community and revenue during the Pandemic.

* Head Talk  landing page was recently added to the site map.

Wire Frames

I was able to identify problems with the original design and use the knowledge from the personas, site maps, surveys, and business goals to create new structural layout solutions.

The original Head Designs homepage and website featured irrelevant content and links. The homepage needed to be strategically restructured and responsive to meet today’s users. 

I wanted to introduce and communicate Head Designs’ main business features visually and clearly to users for the homepage.

The about page is often the second or the third page viewed after the Home page or the Service page. The original website was missing the about page.

I wanted to showcase Sheila’s history as  Head Designs owner and founder and her community involvement. 

For the first draft of the service page, we included sections of information that users may need. 

Through user testing, we later simplified the page to just FAQ and services. 

There was a  discussion on whether to have the service booking process on the website or external through a third party.  From a business and comfort level, we decided to use a third-party booking process. 


Viewing a hair salon’s gallery is one of the top 3 things people view before deciding to book an appointment at a salon.

Having the images categorize is a feature we are working towards. 


Are we going in the right direction?

I have done many iterations in updating the webpages from user feedback and user testing and user flow using Hotjar. Here are a few validations and implementation that I have done.
Heat Map
In the first design of the product page, I improved the design by adding a search and filter on the side. I also updated the product on mobile so that it featured the filter and search. It took some custom code, but I was able to work. I May have to do another iteration, but currently testing it ease with users.
Head Designs user survey showed that before users decide to book an appointment with a salon, they always look at a salon gallery. Many users made comments that before and after photos are beneficial. So I am trying a new before and after interactive feature. Currently, in the early testing phase, so we see how many users interact with it.

Final Designs

New look! Who dis?

Final Design Pages


I am a person that is always trying to find ways to make things better. Working with Sheila on her site redesign and branding, I learned how to tame my driven attitude and listen and collaborate with Sheila and her business needs.
Looking back, I wish that I documented more of the iterations. I work and forget to record what I am doing and my thought process.
The next step is to continue to develop Head Talk and ways it can support the Head Design community during the pandemic and also bringing in revenue.
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