Fundx Funds


FundX funds provide a simple way for users to manage their financial investments. However, their website did not communicate that simplicity. They needed a redesign to visually engage the user with their data and unify the branding between their three websites.

My Role

I was the sole UX  Strategist and Designer working with a project manager and developer.

The Problem

Informing clients and potential clients on investment activities and related articles can be challenging when users are not visually engaged in the information reported.



Due to the nature of the project, only select information can be shared.


Kick Off

We initiated the project with a questionnaire to understanding Fundx’s goals for the project. We identified the stakeholders, team members working on the project, and the final decision-maker. With the FundX team, we went over their background and their company goals for the website.

My approach

In preparation for the kick-off meeting, I conduct a content inventory and high-level analysis of the website, which helps me assess the website’s quality and quantity. This is also a quick way to identify content problems and identify quick solutions.
For example, FundX had secondary and primary pages with low traffic and a high bounce rate. I used the continent inventory along with Google analytics data to discover that the low traffic pages’ content was not updated, causing people to leave the page or site, hurting its SEO. The information from the audit and inventory helped map out the budget and project’s scope.

Content Inventory


First Workshop

For this project, I created one to two-hour workshops of various UX exercises with the FundX team of three to four people.
For this project, I developed and led one to two-hour workshops with the FundX team, guiding groups of three to four people through various UX exercises.
In the first half we reviewed the content inventory and for the  second half of the workshop, we created personas to identify FundX’s target audience, needs, and goals. We initially created five personas which were then narrowed down to three target personas.


What is their journey?


Developing the personas was a challenging task for the FundX team. They had a broad understanding of the users coming to their website, but they had not previously considered their users’ individual needs and goals.


Working on the personas with the FundX team was a learning experience for me. I had to identify an effective way to communicate the importance of creating personas and its value in the other UX exercises to a team that was not familiar with the process.

Iterate & Create

Creating the structure of the design

After removing old or irrelevant pages from the Content Inventory in the discovery phase, uncovering user’s pain points, and problem-solving opportunities in the define phase, we created a revised simple site map layout that helped define our redesign scope and strategy.

Card Sorting

original Site Map

Re-structured site map

Final Designs

Validate & Design then repeat

The visual and strategic progression from the original design to the wireframe and then to the final design.


Coming soon!! 

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