Next 10


Next10 came to us with the primary goal of a redesign to visually communicate their mission as an authority on providing priority policy issues for California.

My Role

The Problem

With a limiting budget, we narrowed our focus to specific site’s pages to help us meet Next10’s primary goals. We also needed to make sure there was a clear understanding of Next10’s mission and a straightforward user experience with the article reports.


The Approach to the solution

Strategy Questionnaire
Content Inventory
Stake Holder Interviews
User Journey
Site Map
Brain Storming
Internal User Testing
Visual Design



In the discovery phase, we started with a client questionnaire and a content inventory analysis. We were able to define Next10’s user needs, business goals, and pain points. These findings were confirmed through google analytics, listening to stakeholders, and user feedback.
User Needs
•  Access to updated information
•  Clear user flows to publications and related features.
Business Requirements
•  A clear understanding of Next10 mission’s
•  Increase traffic to publication pages.
pain points
•   The search did not filter updated reports.
•   Hard to find graphics, pdfs, and related publication
Content Inventory


the communication gap

Next10 provides educational tools and expert-authored policies on the economy and technical research. People interested in reading these articles are looking for credible and detailed information. We narrowed the list of personas to three target personas to meet each user’s goal and uncover their pain points.


Lay Reader

Participates in the budget challenge to design a state budget that they agree with, and possibly learn more about the state budget.

Research/ Policy Advocate​

Find relevant data points quick and easy, which saves them time.

​Media / Reporter​

Find relevant key findings or graphics publications that support their reports.

User Journey Mapping


Age: 45
Location: Sacramento
Status: Married
Education: Master’s Degree
Occupation: CA Govt. Agency Executive
Robert writes a lot of policies and uses specific publications as a resource.
We created a user journey using the information from each of the personas. With the limited time and budget, we could not talk to external users, but by internally mapping out the journeys with the Next10’s team, we could uncover and define where users are getting stuck and dropping off.
user journey
user journey 2

Ideate & Create

Learn & Solution

After removing old or irrelevant pages from the Content Inventory in the discovery phase, uncovering user’s pain points, and problem-solving opportunities in the define phase, we created a revised simple site map layout. This also helped define our redesign scope and strategy.

Site Map

“The redesign brainstorming process was incredibly helpful to help not only organize our own thoughts, goals, constraints, etc – but to get stakeholder buy in for why changes were needed, what purpose they would serve, and how best to make improvements. Great job, all around. Couldn’t be happier.”
– Colleen Kredell,  Director of Research Next10.0rg

Wire framing to Design Solutions

Using all the information that we have discover thus far we started to apply the information to wireframes.



Visual Design – (note: There were some design restrictions. I had to design within the original theme template and keep the layout and design very close to the original design because some of the pages would not receive a design update.


This redesign was a short 3-month low budget project. We update Next 10’s orginal Drupal site from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, restructure and reorganize their articles, and added a new search and filter system. I recently reached out to Next 10 to check in on the site’s performance since the launch was three years ago. I was pleased to hear back from them and know that the site is working well and is still meeting all of their needs.
“Overall, everyone was very happy with the end result. I think we felt like this brought our site up to date and in line with peer organizations and improved our image and ability to present the depth and breadth of our work in a credible and professional way.”
– Colleen Kredell,  Director of Research Next10.0rg