Head Designs

Learn, style, and embrace the full texture of hair.


Head Designs is a natural hair salon in Oakland, Ca. Sheila Head is the stylist and owner of the salon for over 40 years. She is very proud to be one of many black women business owners and is involved in her community. A website redesign will help her communicate her passion for naturally textured hair and increase her clientele.

My Role


Business requirements:
Within the past ten years, there has been another natural hair movement. Given Sheila’s experience and history with natural hair, she would be one of the top hair salons to visit in the Bay Area. How to visually communicate and showcase Head Design’s knowledge and skill to increase clientele.
User requirements:
When searching for a natural hair salon, you want to learn as much as you can about their services and their credentials from other clients. The task is how to engage and convert to clients from their experience on Head Designs website.


Showcase experience Sheila Head, the owner, and a veteran professional natural hair stylist of Head Design can offer her clients.
Content Inventory
Competitive research analysis
User Journey
Site Map
Brain Storming
User Testing
Visual Design


Combing Through

The natural hair design market is very competitive in Oakland. Going through many of the natural hair salon websites, I notice that most of them are not telling a story or their history of their knowledge with natural hair. This is where Head Design can standout and grow.


Suppose clarifying the services, booking process, and sharing Sheila hair journey and business story. In that case, a relatable and level of trust can be established, increasing clientele and overall knowledge of Head Designs services.


Who is on a natural hair journey?

A Regular

Always gets their hair done

Self care

Does their own hair

New to it all

New to having natural hair

What is their journey?

Is this a creditable place to get my hair done?
What makes this place so unique that I should let them do my hair?
I need to make sure this place will take care of my hair and know what they are doing?

Iterate & Create

Creating the structure of the design


Are we going in the right direction?




Set styled and ready to go